Top 10 TV Show Theme Songs

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There are probably lots of other people who have done some stupid list about the best TV show theme songs, but this is ours and it's better than all of the others. Probably. Kinda too lazy to check.

We watch a lot of television around The Banana Stand, hell, our name sake comes from one of our favorite shows of all time. Maybe that explains our attention problem.  

10. Beavis & Butthead – [Opening Theme] by Mike Judge

That's right, Mike Judge. Turns out the man is as brilliant of an animator, writer, and director as he is a musican. He also wrote the kick-ass opening music to King of the Hill. Oh, and he also has a Physics degree from UC San Diego. Your life is a complete failure by comparission. [Note: It was actually Arizona bad The Refreshments, fronted by Roger Clyne, who created the theme song to King of the Hill, titled “Yahoos and Triangles.” Thanks to Jenny for the correction! You are all still utter disapoinments as sons and daughters compared to Mike Judge.]

9. Cheers – “Everybody Knows Your Name” by Gary Portnoy

You could sing this song right now. Alright, it's not the best reason to include it in this list, but the song is so incredible smooth-rock 80s that hit all the standards, including the sexy sax, and set the tone for catchy pop-hooks for sitcoms in way not seen since The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

8. The Tick – [Opening Theme] by Douglas Katsaros

For a while The Tick was the hottest property around, and the creators of the animated series must have used that leverage to hire a fantastic orchestra to record this theme and get Douglas Katsaros to complete the rest of the show's score. Oh, how far the mighty have fallen. Can kids today even recognize The Tick? The answer may depress you.

7. Twin Peaks – “Falling” [Instrumental Version] by Julee Cruise, Angelo Badalamenti, and David Lynch

If you know who killed Laura Palmer, hearing this song will send shivers down your spine. Sure, without being associated with David Lynch's fantasticly creepy television show, this song probably wouldn't carry much weight. But it's imporrislbe to separate the two, so there you have it. As a bonus, here's a link to MC Chris' sample of theme. Agent Cooper loves coffee; so do we.

6. Rawhide – “Rawhide” by Frankie Laine, Dimitri Tiomkin, and Ned Washington

Maybe it's just because of The Blues Brothers, but even if it's just because of The Blues Brothers, it's still because of The Blues Brothers. So, yeah.

5. Hawaii Five-O – “Hawaii Five-O” by The Ventures and Morton Stevens

This song was so popular that it catipuled The Ventures to a #4 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. It's no Dick Dale, but damn is it snappy! Coincidently, The Ventures also recorded a version of the next song on our list . . .

4. The Green Hornet – “Green Bee” by Billy May and Lionel Newman, featuring Al Hirt

Like how Rawhide's theme was cooler after being included in The Blues Brothers, Quentin Tarintino's inclusion of this tune in Kill Bill Vol. 1 in an homage to Bruce Lee makes it all the sweeter. Based on Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's “Flight of the Bumblebee,” Billy May rearranged the classic interlude with conductor Lione Newman, feautring New Orlean's trumputeer Al Hirt. I said, “goddamn!”

3. The Jeffersons – “Movin' On Up” by Ja'net Dubois and Jeff Barry

The fact that a television theme song could encapsalate the hopes of a post-Civil Rights black America in the 1970s is staggering, but the production of The Jeffersons was of paramount importance in the scope of entertainment and culture shifts. The show still remains as the longest running sitcom in history that features a predominently African-American cast. Good Times star Ja'ent Dubois wrote and sang the theme song of The Jeffersons, which was a spin-off of All In the Family – a show that was eventually seen as fairly subversive in challenge the opintions of white, middle America despite its bigotted main character Archie Bunker. Dubois was also in I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. That's not really important, but if you haven't seen the movie, it features a rather hilarious scene with a young Chris Rock that we shall not spoil. [Note: The Jeffersons star Sherman Hemsley passed away just as this list was coming together. Our best wishes and deepest respect to his family and friends.]

2. Mission Impossible – [Opening Theme] by Lalo Schifrin

Listing to this song automatically turns whatever simply task you're performing into a top-secret, high risk operation where failure means the destruction of Western civilization and your imenent death. This website will self-destructive in 5, 4, 3 . . .

1. Cowboy Bebop – “Tank!” by Yoko Kanno & The Seatbelts, featuring Masato Honda

Without the cool as fuck intro-animation that accompanies this song, “Tank!” might not have made it to #1, but since we can't completely divorce the songs from the visuals that are taiolored to them, Cowboy Bepop wins.

That's a wrap for this Top 10 list. If you have dissenting opinions on the issues, please leave your comments below. We always enjoying hearing other people's opinion.

All choices picked by random people inside the Banana Stand through the highly scientific method of a dry-erase board and alcohol.