Kickstarter! Compilation! Release Event!

Following years of work in secret, it's time for Banana Stand's public debut. But, we need your help!

On June 10th, we're releasing our long-promised compilation CD at a free, all-day, all-ages event at Hawthorne Theatre. Our goal is to promote Portland's live music and those performing it. We're broke, and though we have great sponsors on board, we're asking for community assistance to make the compilation and release event as awesome as we know they can be.

Please consider helping us in the following ways if you dig what we've done for Portland music over the last few years :

  1. Donate to our Kickstarter if you are able. Any amount helps, and we've got rad rewards for you!
  2. Share news of our Kickstarter and compilation release to Facebook and Twitter, if you do those things.
  3. Download a few of our more than three dozen releases and, if you like them, share them with your friends!

Before you check out the details below, we at Banana Stand thank you for your support — for this latest project and for our work over the last 4+ years. Thanks also to to all of the people — bands, music professionals, and volunteers — who have helped make this release possible.

We hope to see you at the release event on June 10th!

-Team Banana Stand

Kickstarter video produced by collective47 and Ghost House Music Media. Kickstarter video features “Want You To Know” from Youth – Live from the Banana Stand (forthcoming). Compilation cover art produced by Rather Severe. Compilation layout designed by Shut Up, Crow. Printers.

Live from the Banana Stand Volume 1 is sponsored by Cravedog, Stumptown Printers, Hawthorne Theater, The Portland Mercury, and Vita Mastering.

Live from the Banana Stand Volume 1 features songs mixed by Alex Arrowsmith, Pat Kearns, Tyler Keene, Vic Lund, Nicholas Taplin, and Chris Vita.

Lineup for our free release event at Hawthorne Theater on Sunday, June 10th

ALL-AGES Afternoon Show:
2:00 pm – The Woolen Men
3:00 pm – Fanno Creek
4:00 pm – The Angry Orts
5:00 pm – Sons of Huns

21+ Evening Show:
8:00 pm – Genders (featuring members of Youth)
9:00 pm – Blue Skies for Black Hearts
10:00 pm – Tango Alpha Tango

Live from the Banana Stand Volume 1 – Track Listing
1. Blue Skies For Black Hearts – “The Sitch”
2. Youth – “Want You To Know”
3. Death Songs – “Water in the Eyes of Man”
4. The Woolen Men – “Land of Laughs”
5. The We Shared Milk – “Drag”
6. The Angry Orts – “No More”
7. Tango Alpha Tango – “Black Cloud”
8. Log Across the Washer – “What's New Fat Man?”
9. Forest Park “Story”
10. The Polyps – “Short Song”
11. Talkative – “Front Porch Annex”
12. Tiger House – “No Bees”
13. Alex Arrowsmith & His Pugs – “Freeze Tag”
14. Curious Hands – “British Columbia”
15. The Silent Numbers – “Said So”
16. Sons of Huns – “Super Kanpai Rainbow”
17. The Hague – “Passing Cars”
18. Towering Trees – “Coolidge”
19. Modernstate – “This Is Life”
20. Jack Ruby Presents – “Old”