Video: “Grizzly Bear” [Live] by Animal Eyes

We're pretty fucking lucky to be in the same neighborhood as bands like Red Fang and Typhoon, because we can hear them practice new material on the way to get burritos, but we're even more amazed that places like PALS Clubhouse and Ghost House are right around the corner. Both homes are full of some of the best people we've ever met, and we consider them to be, dare we say it, friends. 

We've got a lot of things planned for this summer, so watch for news. Until then, please enjoy a music video for "Grizzy Bear" [Live from The Banana Stand] that we're releasing in collaboration with Ghost House. (Click on through to see the video.)

Find out more about Animal Eyes by reading our interview with the band. The full-length live album from the group's performance will be available soon, online for a pay-what-you-want download.


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