Music: Wooden Indian Burial Ground - The Last Lonesome Flight of Two Broken Hearts

About the show: Fresh off what would turn out to be their final tour, Justin and Judy (Wooden Indian Burial Ground) stopped by the 'Stand on June 6th 2008 for two excellent sets recorded before an audience of friends and associates. Breaking up soon after their show, our recordings of Wooden Indian Burial Ground are your best opportunity to hear the live sound of this great band. Keep an eye out for a new album from Justin soon, though.


Fun Facts:
  • Justin went on to form "Hello Loneliness" with members of Please Step Out of the Vehicle and Curious Hands. Supergroup!
  • Justin is roommates with Tyler from Curious Hands. I find this novel, though it probably isn't.
  • Justin took a break from music for more than a year following the end of "Hello Loneliness" to focus on painting. He has recently had an offer to produce an album of "Hello Loneliness" material, so keep an eye out for that.
  • This is one of three of our sets mixed by Nicholas Taplin. Dude does good work.
Check out more Wooden Indian Burial Ground on MySpace.
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