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Banana Stand Media's goal is to create highly accessible live albums from the shows held at The Banana Stand. With artist approval, Banana Stand Media will distribute 7+ track live albums as CDs and digital downloads in our online store. We prefer that these albums be a minimum of 20-25 minutes of music and therefore that artists plan to record 30-35+ minutes of music at their sets here.

With rare exception, live albums (both CDs and digital) from Banana Stand Media will be sold for $5.

Banana Stand Media will also give away, for free, up to 2 songs from each live album promotionally at BananaStandMedia.com. The songs we distribute as free downloads may also be included in promotional compilation albums.

The typical profit split on live album sales is 40% Artist, 40% Banana Stand Media and 20% Mixer.

Artists are encouraged to offer streaming copies of live tracks and help distribute their live albums. However, streaming distribution should not hinder your or our ability to slightly profit from the albums, and Banana Stand Media must be included in any for-profit distribution.

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