Who Are These People

Who Are These People

The Banana Stand is (alphabetically):

Chris Anderson
Straight Gig: Consultant, Ninja, Galactic Conqueror
'Stand Function: Gear Geek, Recording Engineer, Fancy Title Creator, Post-Production Emancipator, Beer Drinker, Calmness
About: I care deeply about LED meters that bounce in time to your fatty musical creations. Nothing pulls at my loins more firmly than converting kinetic energy to electrical energy and then encoding said energy for storage, editing, and  commercial distribution so that it may be later converted back into compressions and rarefactions in the atmosphere for your listening pleasure.
Links: its a secret

Aaron Colter
Straight Gig: Writer, Social Media, Events, and Marketing Manager
'Stand Function: Co-founder, Public Relations
About: Aaron is a guy who likes stuff, and doesn't like other stuff. If you're interested in his opinions, he'll probably tell you, at length. 
Links: herefearingamericans.blogspot.com, Twitter

Louie Herr
Straight Gig: Consultant
'Stand Function: Organizer, Custodian
About: Loves good live music and efforts to see it preserved.
Links: Thislouieherr.com

Shawn Pike
Straight Gig: Student, Drink Slinger
'Stand Function: Artist Relations, Tallness
About: Leads The greater Midwest, the 'Stand's house band. Efforts along with us.  
Links: BandCamp, FacebookMySpace

Banana Stand also depends on contributions from our post production staff and visual team. Please visit their respective pages to learn about them.


Banana Stand benefited from contributions from those below earlier in our history. They have since moved on to other projects, but they'll always be part of the 'Stand

Ross Faulkenberg
Straight Gig: Piano Tech
'Stand Function: Recruitment, Concept, Musician
About: Though no longer involved in day-to-day, Ross helped start the 'Stand. Now makes music with Jott.
Links: none

Nick Mokey
Straight Gig: Technology writer, editor, occasional talking head
Stand Function: Interviewer, AKA question e-mailer
About: Nick swapped nonstop snow for nonstop rain with a from Rochester, NY to Portland in 2008, and only occasionally looks back with yearning at garbage plates. When he’s not dabbling with gadgets, pursuing deals on Craigslist or fixing his perpetually broken car or motorcycle, Nick can be found asleep.
Links: DigitalTrends.com

Jake Schmitt
Straight Gig: Writer/editor with a small book developer.
'Stand Function: Email blasts, enthusiasm.
About: Portland native, has a thing for words and sounds. Played bass in a middle school surf rock trio and will never be that cool again.
Links: The Empty on Facebook, The Greater Midwest on Facebook

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