Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does this whole thing work?
A. You record in front of a live audience at a show here at the ‘Stand. You return to the ‘Stand following the show to listen to how great the recordings sound. We give you a contract, which you return to us as soon as you’re able. We then have one of our amazing producers mix and master your set, making sure that you’re happy with the sound of the mixed tracks along the way, etc. Finally, your live album is released online through our sponsored program with CD Baby across iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, other channels, and a limited-edition run of CDs and download cards. We also provide a free stream of the album along with a pay-what-you-want download option via Bandcamp embeds on this site.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?
A. Yes. Because we want to release your performance as an album for sale, it's necessary to sign a contract to codify the terms of our relationship (we suggest that it's good practice to set out a contract whenever any recordings are created).

The contract is totally non-exclusive (you're never prevented from further recording) and governs only the sound recordings we create together, not the rights to the songs themselves (which we will never touch). Just to be clear: your contract with Banana Stand Media will be non-exclusive, which means we will never, ever prevent you rerecording the songs you record with us, whenever with whomever.

Contracts protect both artist and Banana Stand and specify the terms of our relationship with artists and mixers. They also govern the rights to the documentations that we create for you. They should not be approached with anxiety, but they should be taken seriously. We will be happy to answer any questions you have. We are happy to provide our contract for your review, contact us.

Q. Where are you located?
A. It's a secret. To learn the location of Banana Stand, you must either save the life of someone who has been here or defeat them in single combat. Or contact us.

Q. When is your next show?
A. It's a secret. All shows at Banana Stand are now private. If you know one is coming up and want to attend, please talk to the band and they will put you on the list.

Q. Your shows are now private and secret? But ... I need a place to go see music for free! What gives? You guys are jerks.
Yeah, someone stole. We hope to not always be secret, but it's what we have to do in the short term. If you're looking for a public house show, you should check out the super-rad PALS Clubhouse instead.

Q. Is your venue all ages?
A. Yes. However, bring your ID. Underage people are not allowed to consume alcohol here.

Q. Do you charge a cover for shows?
A. No. They're free, aren’t you lucky.

Q. Do you provide alcohol?
A. Absolutely not. Shows are BYOB for people of age with valid ID. Please bring your ID or you will not be allowed to consume adult beverages. Heavy consumption of alcohol is strongly discouraged.

Q. How can I support what you're doing?
A. Please buy some music from our online store or donate to us, you big sweetie.

Q. Do you pay bands?
A. No. These are free, BYOB shows at a secret house venue, and we provide high-quality recordings of them, paying bands would require us to charge a cover for shows, which we don’t want to do.

Q. Contracts? What's this corporate bullshit?
A. We believe it's a best practice that a contract should be created whenever music is recorded to govern the rights to those recordings. Our contracts are incredibly non-corporate, in fact: they're non-exclusive (meaning you can re-record anywhere else at any time) and artists retain all rights to their compositions (the songs themselves, vs. the sound recordings we create). If you are serious about your music and protecting it you should get used to signing contracts.

Q. Selling? Our music? Why are you trying to make a profit -- it should be your honor to be able to participate in my music! You should give it away for free.
A. Well, no. We create excellent recordings, but we still want to improve what we're able to do. Audio equipment costs money, as do many other things that the 'Stand requires to survive. We want to continue to document and distribute forever, but can only do so if it's sustainable. Sustainability and improvement require income, so we sell music. Sorry. If you’re not into splitting profits with people that help you create a professional product, you should probably look somewhere else.

Also, you know what? Your music has worth. People should pay money for it. Artists deserve to be compensated for their work. Distributing music for free implies that recorded music has no value, and it does.

Q. Wait didn't you used to give away music for free?
A. Yes, and we still do, and always will. We don't think that entirely free distribution will be sustainable, though.

Q. Can we give the live album we record with you away for free?
A. No, that prevents you and us from profiting from the recordings. Again, sustainability, income, etc.

Q. Can we buy the live recordings from you?
A. Maybe. Contact us.

Q. Do you offer a subscription service?
A. Not at the moment. Please contact us if you desire one.

Q. Can I record at your place, studio-style?
A. Maybe, but our time is extremely limited. Contact us, though.

Q. Will you sell my album in your online store?
A. Our current plan is to only sell albums we have a hand in creating, sorry.

Q. Can we get copies of the raw recordings to take with us after the show?
A. Probably not. It's our policy to not give you copies of the recordings until we have a contract in place to codify our relationship with you and with the recordings. Once we have a contract in place -- absolutely. Just don't be an asshole about anything.

Q. How do you pick the bands you have in to record?
A. It's a secret. We do our best to get as many people in as possible, but we can only record so many folks. If you've contacted us about a show and are waiting to hear back, it's not because we don't like you, it's because we record just two bands per month. Except it might be because we don't like you. If you want to play the 'Stand and haven't contacted us, though, please do so.

Q. Who does your art/mixing/mastering/stuff? Can I help somehow? Will they work with me on x project?
A. 1. Some of these sick dudes. 2. Yes, we'd be thrilled: please contact us. 3. Maybe. Contact us and we'll put you in touch.

Q. What kind of equipment do you use to record?
A. We use a Mackie Onyx 1640i, Logic Pro 8 and Pro Tools 9. We are able to record up to 16 channels simultaneously and record in 24-bit at 44.1 kHz. We have a large complement of live microphones, but artists are asked to bring any that they prefer to use.

Q. Hey I’m in a band that recorded at Banana Stand, why wasn’t our set ever released?
A. We probably just fell out of contact. Please contact us.

Q. Why wasn't the set you recorded of x band released?
A. While we try to release every set that comes through the 'Stand we aren't always able to for a number of reasons. If we haven't released a particular show it is out of respect for the band, respect for the 'stand or due to circumstances beyond our control. To misquote Morgan Freeman, we have to remind ourselves that some recordings aren't meant to be released. 

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